Artist Statement



In my mixed-media art I use watercolor, sometimes acyrlics,  sands from all over the world, different tree barks, coffee grinds, sea glass, dichroic glass and glass frit to produce a three dimensional effect playing with light, balance and design.  I invite viewers to interact with my artwork by rotating each piece  so that that it can be viewed from any orientation.

Since there is no single way to look at my work, the viewer's mood may change as the picture is rotated with a turn. Hence, the term Turn Art™ to describe the style.  It is made with the notion of interactive fun and playfulness.  I have seen  people turn a painting and play with the visual within each painting.  My work is based on an incident that happened to me as a toddler.  One day I found my baby book and decided a little pink crayon on the first page was a wonderful addition.    I don't remember if it hurt but the shock of my pacifist mother hitting me froze that memory in time.  Years later, having my own toddler, my mother gave me my baby book.  I was musing about my baby book. The pink crayon picture moment came back into my conscious mind.  I  remembered when I added the pink crayon mark it became one with the white background, not two separate colors. 

Now after years of school I saw the two different features of this page: a pink crayon line on a simple white page of the book.  I pondered this visual memory. Soon after I decided I want people to question what they are really seeing.  This theme permeates throughout all my artwork, even my representational works.  Presently, I have developed a style and framing technique to hang my work in a way that allows people to view it anyway they prefer.  It is made for you.  The art work is made with the intention of not being perfect, yet perfect in of itself.  

My artwork is intended to be used as a whimsical visual meditation tool for everyday living.  

Steve Fuller, Professor Emeritus, UW was my neighbor, and mentor.   I studied Sumi watercolor with Fumiko Kimura and attended some basic fine art classes at Tacoma Community College. For the last eight years I have taught watercolor to elders at Park Shore Retirement Community and have curated numerous art shows for/with the elders.


My nom d'brush was SUMMER.  It reminds me of lightness and the longest day of the year.  I was born on June 21st and my birth is my first known creative act. Now I am comfortable with me and I now sign my art Anne Marie McNamara


All rights reserved. 
Please contact Anne Marie McNamara for purchases, image usage, licensing and unique commissions at 206.781.4218.