Welcome!  Today‘s writing is about the practice of meditation.  Personally I have been meditation for over forty years.  It has been a rewarding practice for me and along the way I have gathered some thoughts about it.  In 1972 my friend Julie told me about TM or Transcendental Meditation.  I  worked with a mantra, a prescribed  sound. We were encouraged to meditate twice a day.  My practice has involved and I  no longer practice TM but I do a morning meditation almost daily.  I have had some breaks in my practice but I always go back to my routine.  It keeps me centered.  Also, through the years I have thought about meditation and what does that really mean?

 How many times have you heard someone say they cannot meditate?  Or you yourself could have said the same thing.

I am here to say maybe you are meditating and not recognizing the action.  Often people think meditation is sitting quietly trying to have no thoughts in their head.  As you may know this can become difficult.   In my experience this willfulness of quiet can create more chatter and before you know it you head is so busy you forget to breathe.   Not the desired outcome.

Breathing is essential part of meditation.   It reminds us that we are alive and in our body.  So what other types of activities can remind us that we are one with are bodies.   Using sound can send a vibration through our whole body. Using smell through aromatherapy can also connect us with our bodies. Using visuals, such as my above artwork  is another avenue.

My belief is meditation is really all about being with the body and have the mind follow.  Can you think of all the times this might have happened?  A hike, running, walking with nature, swimming, drumming, playing music, walking along an ocean beach, and washing dishes in the sink, all can provide a rhythmic connection with body and mind. 

How about sound?  One of the most universal sounds is the sound of water.  It could be a babbling brook, a raging river or gentle ocean waves.  Sound can connect with the body on lots of different levels.   As many of you might know the seven chakras, a spiral vortexes centered along the body,  have a sound vibration associated with each of them.  In Indian culture these sounds have words and people use the words to vibrate with their bodies.   This is a form of chanting.  Many cultures chant and this chanting can indeed connect with the mind, body and for many the soul.  Western Culture is most familiar with the medieval practice of Gregorian chant.

A variety of aromatherapy essential oils can increase relaxation, and connect with a peaceful, loving vibration.  Years ago I remember being in a classroom with a teacher. She demonstrated  how each essential oil  could create a change for the person.  Many people are familiar with lavender and its soothing properties.

As a visual artist I like to engage the viewer to take the time to really connect with the artwork.  My artwork above is about creativity and focuses on the sexual and creative second chakra.  Not only is my work designed for meditative purpose but also the doing for me is a form of meditation.

My challenge to you is to think about all the ways you might engage in a form of meditation in everyday life.   Please leave your comments so others may benefit from your knowledge.  

Open Art Studios June 22nd, 2014






Julianna Ross

(206) 245-5457




SEATTLE, WA (MAY 28) – Building 30, the newly renovated art complex in Magnuson Park, will hold a open studio June 22 from noon to 5 pm. Building 30 is located at 6310 NE 74th St. in North Seattle The public is invited and the event is free.


Building 30 artists include emerging, mid-career and established artists creating contemporary works in a variety of disciplines: photography, painting, printmaking, mixed media, installation, public art, and sculpture.


“We can’t wait to welcome everybody to the first open studios in Magnuson Park. This is a chance to meet many of the Building 30 artists, see their work and explore the park’s new arts and cultural space,” said Julianna Ross, the Executive Director of Sand Point Arts & Cultural Exchange.


Some of the Building 30 artists are: Fong Baatz Bev Byrnes, Marc Bohne, Margaret Bovington, Cheryl Brown, Elizabeth Bruno, Heather Carr, Michael Clinard, Amalia Couto, Renko Dempster, Carolyn Dunford, Joe Max Emminger, Susan Freeman, Patty Haller, Anne Marie McNamara, Sandy Miller, Jim Pridgeon, Caroline Rousseau, Ellen Rutledge, Alicia Schujman, Vicki Scuri, Jim Scurlock, Denise Shaffer, Ann-Marie Stillion.


Building 30 Open Studios offer a chance for the public to engage and enjoy the artist and their works. In many cases patrons may be able purchase artworks directly from the artist.


The City of Seattle recently completed a $9 million renovation of the art complex known as Building 30 on the west side of 6310 74th St. A former 1938 U.S. Navy building and airplane hangar, it provides a vibrant arts and cultural hub within Magnuson Park and the Sandpoint neighborhood. Artists moved into the building in the fall of 2013 and the June 22 is the inaugural event for an ongoing calendar of events.


For more information, call (206) 245-5457 or visit




My Art Studio

In November 2013,  my new art studio was ready for occupancy.   Over the moon with delight.  Here are some photos from the art studio, Building 30

Painting with My Friends

Every Friday a group of artist have been meeting to paint.  It is an Open Studio led by Susan Pope, our mentor, teacher and coach.   With Sue urging we decided to develop a group web site   The art work is diverse, interesting as each artists defines their artistic vision with their talent.   Painting or drawing with these folks have been a wonderful experience of comraderie, friendship, and love.  

Our website is:  

The Story of Creatives

Yeppie I received some really good news! My art is part of a show representing less than 1% if the members.   The members are internationally over 7 million people. How cool is this!!

Congratulations! Your work work will be shown at The Story of the Creative! 

This message is to confirm your materials have been received and you are officially part of The Story of the Creative exhibition opening in our New York City gallery on July 25th, 2013

Here’s an invite to the show—feel free to share with your friends:

The show will be open to the public, so your friends and family are welcome to come with you to the opening party. If you are unable to attend the opening for any reason, we will mail you an archival print of the images shown and an official letter of recognition. 

Since your work will be on view for seven weeks, stop by anytime until September 10th to see your work in the exhibition!

We’re thrilled to have you as a part of the show. Your hard work is done, you’ve made great art. Now we are going to get busy producing this massive show.