The Story of Creatives

Yeppie I received some really good news! My art is part of a show representing less than 1% if the members.   The members are internationally over 7 million people. How cool is this!!

Congratulations! Your work work will be shown at The Story of the Creative! 

This message is to confirm your materials have been received and you are officially part of The Story of the Creative exhibition opening in our New York City gallery on July 25th, 2013

Here’s an invite to the show—feel free to share with your friends:

The show will be open to the public, so your friends and family are welcome to come with you to the opening party. If you are unable to attend the opening for any reason, we will mail you an archival print of the images shown and an official letter of recognition. 

Since your work will be on view for seven weeks, stop by anytime until September 10th to see your work in the exhibition!

We’re thrilled to have you as a part of the show. Your hard work is done, you’ve made great art. Now we are going to get busy producing this massive show.